Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Welcome to all BYU Students who have come to, are currently here and those who plan to come to the BYU London Centre in the future. We created this site to give everyone an insight to the happenings around the London Centre. We plan to post recipes and some of our favorite things to do in London and the United Kingdom. If there is anything you would like to see included please feel free to email at byulondoncentre@byu.edu or julie_shule@hotmail.com.( or add me on facebook :D) We hope you will enjoy this site

The Shulers!


Becky said...

Thanks Julie! What a great idea. You've done a great job and I concur when it comes to St. Paul's. I love it there.

Becky Durham

betsy b said...

thanks julie!
miss you...i don't like looking at this blog almost...because it's heartbreaking...time to come back.